1181 | Budapest | Városház utca 13.

Frostproof Outdoor, Indoor, Decorative, Architectural and Functional Ceramics, Garden Flower Pots.
Handmade, Hand Modelled, Hand Ornamented – Unique Rusticity.


József Sefcsik CERAMIST

József Sefcsik was born in Cegléd in 1950. He turned to art relatively late, around the age of thirty, when he took up ceramics and sculpting. He has had a studio in Budapest since 1981 and he has been making frost proof ceramics since 1989.

A particular combination of substances is used to make these pots. It took years to bring the mixture to perfection and it is made up on the premises. The handcrafted objects are moulded, modelled and decorated by hand and fired at 1 200 °C, which gives them their unique rusticity and durability. Over the years he has added indoor, architectural and functional ceramics to the classic line of garden pots. Everything you can imagine in ceramics.

His workshop has also produced a huge number of classical objects following the historical traditions and rules of this ancient craft and even these works are characteristic and clearly recognizable. The core business, however, is satisfying the customer demand for customized ceramics, which can be a major challenge. This feature distinguishes his workshop from the mass of ordinary, run-of-the-mill businesses. But József does not like his works being called art. He simply wants to make lasting objects to everyone’s satisfaction so that he can take pride in his work and the customers get what they really want. After all it is in their gardens, homes, hotels or restaurants that the ceramics he makes find their place and as he himself puts it “they remain unchanged till the end of the world”.

Most of his customers are either regulars or heard about him from them. He is not advertised anywhere. Sefcsik-ceramics speak for themselves.